Case Study #1

The Failing Agency

We explain the challenge and the solution for the failing agency in this short case study. Our approach helps to alleviate any agency that has been stuck in generating revenue.

Case Study #1

Your Success Is Our Success

Case Study

The Decline of “Smith & Partners Marketing Agency”


Smith & Partners Marketing Agency (SPMA) was once a highly regarded firm in the New York marketing scene, boasting a portfolio of major brands and a reputation for cutting-edge strategies. This case study explores the factors contributing to the agency’s decline over a five-year period and provides insights into the challenges and complexities faced by businesses operating in dynamic environments.


Founded in 2000, SPMA quickly rose to prominence due to its innovative marketing strategies and strong focus on understanding emerging consumer trends. By 2015, the agency had over 200 employees and was responsible for several award-winning campaigns. Its culture was defined by creativity, continuous learning, and adaptability.

Signs of Trouble

The first signs of decline began to surface around 2017. There were a series of account losses, which many inside and outside the company dismissed as cyclical or attributed to external economic pressures. However, a closer examination reveals a combination of factors that contributed to these losses:

Shift in Marketing Landscape

The world of marketing was evolving rapidly, with the rise of digital marketing, influencer partnerships, and data-driven strategies. SPMA, with its roots in traditional advertising, struggled to keep pace with these changes.

Talent Drain

Several of the agency’s top creative minds departed for newer, more agile firms or in-house brand teams. This loss of key personnel weakened the agency’s competitive edge.

Client Dissatisfaction

A survey of former clients indicated dissatisfaction with the agency’s inability to demonstrate clear ROI on campaigns, as well as a perceived lack of innovation. Many clients felt that SPMA was resting on its laurels.

Management Issues

Internal challenges further compounded the agency’s problems. There was a noticeable leadership vacuum. The founders, John Smith and Lucy Partners, had been semi-retired since 2016, and their successors lacked the same visionary approach. Moreover, infighting among senior management led to a lack of clear direction. Additionally, the agency had failed to invest in continuous learning for its employees. This resulted in a workforce that, while talented, wasn’t equipped with the skills needed for the evolving marketing landscape.

Financial Strains

By 2019, the consequences of account losses and internal strife became evident in the agency’s financial health. Revenues had declined by 30% compared to the previous year. Cost-cutting measures were implemented, including layoffs, which further demoralized the remaining staff.

The Final Blow

A pivotal moment came in 2020 when SPMA lost its flagship account, a relationship that had been in place for over a decade. This was not just a financial blow but a significant hit to the agency’s reputation.


The decline of Smith & Partners Marketing Agency is a cautionary tale about the need for businesses to remain adaptable, invest in their talent, and keep a finger on the pulse of industry changes. While external factors certainly played a role, it was largely internal challenges – from leadership to skill gaps – that precipitated the agency’s fall. The story underscores the importance of proactive management and the dangers of complacency in a rapidly changing business landscape.

The Challenge

In the competitive world of digital marketing agencies, one common challenge stands out – stagnant revenue growth. Agencies that were once thriving find themselves in a rut, struggling to attract new clients and increase their bottom line. There are several factors contributing to this challenge.

  • Intense Competition: The digital marketing landscape is crowded, with new agencies entering the market regularly. This increased competition makes it challenging to stand out and win clients.

  • Outdated Strategies: Some agencies continue to rely on outdated marketing strategies that no longer resonate with today’s digital-savvy consumers.

  • Lack of Differentiation: Many agencies struggle to articulate what makes them unique. Without a clear value proposition, they find it difficult to convince potential clients to choose them over competitors.

  • Ineffective Lead Generation: A lack of consistent, effective lead generation strategies means agencies miss out on valuable opportunities.

  • Resource Allocation: Poor resource allocation, including mismanaged budgets and underutilized talent, contributes to revenue stagnation.

The Solution

At Agency Script, we understand the challenges agencies face in achieving revenue growth. Our Revenue Revival Program offers a comprehensive solution tailored to address these specific pain points. We go above and beyond to help you get over the hurdles of agency ownership and beyond!

  • Strategic Overhaul: We work closely with agencies to develop and implement modern, effective marketing strategies that align with today’s consumer behavior.

  • Unique Value Proposition: Agency Script helps agencies identify their unique strengths and leverage them to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

  • Lead Generation Mastery: Our program equips agencies with cutting-edge lead generation techniques and tools to consistently attract and convert prospects.

  • Resource Optimization: We analyze and optimize resource allocation, ensuring that budgets and talent are used efficiently to maximize revenue potential.

  • Continuous Learning: The program doesn’t stop at implementation. We provide ongoing training and support to ensure agencies stay ahead of industry trends.

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